Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning and Trimming are some of the most important maintenance work that can be done on the trees in your property. This is why our comprehensive pruning service is one of the most popular services that we offer.

There are frankly many reasons that you may look to bring us in to trim and service your trees – though it should also be noted that we can offer this service for any shrubs and bushes in and around your yard too.

The benefits of a professional trim include:

Controlled Growth – It can be hard to remember sometimes but it should be borne in mind that trees are essentially wild objects. They are living pieces of nature, and as such will often do exactly what they want! That includes unwanted growth of branches. Whether they are starting to hang dangerously over your property or your car or perhaps growing toward nearby power lines, cutting this growth away early before it becomes a hazard is a key part of the pruning process.

Controlled Root Growth – Another danger with uncontrolled tree growth comes with the roots. Depending on the species, trees can have highly elaborate and surprisingly large root systems. As the tree grows upwards, the root system will grow outwards, searching for the extra moisture the tree requires and providing a stable base. All well and good of course – until the new root growth penetrates the foundations of your house, potentially causing thousands in property damage. A professional trim keeps above ground growth in check, which does the same for root growth. 

Healthy Growth – Sometimes a trees worst enemy is itself! It can start a growth of several branches that end up impeding each other. In this instance the new growth will not be healthy for the long-term life of the tree, so the branches will naturally die off over time. This presents a serious hazard of falling debris, so allow us to remove them in a controlled fashion.

Inspection – The list of diseases and fungus that can infect a tree is quite surprising. There are simply dozens and dozens of diseases and infestations a tree can pick up. Many don’t give any symptoms that are easy to spot, allowing the disease to progress silently – even spreading to nearby trees – without anyone noticing. An infected tree is a dangerous tree, as it will not be as solid as it should be, and it will not stand up well, for example, to storm or high wind conditions. Allowing us to regularly prune your tree also allows our expert, highly trained staff to inspect for diseases and infestations, helping to catch them early.

Storm Damage Protection – Many trees are damaged in storms or high winds more because of poor maintenance then simply by the ferocity of the storm itself. A tree with poorly managed growth will block the wind instead of letting it pass through. This places pressure on the branches, the trunk and the root system leading to trees falling in conditions that should not be bringing them down. Regular cutting back of unwanted growth, especially before storm season, will go a long way to helping to protect your tree.

So please, feel free to contact us to discuss our pruning service and to get a commitment free quote!