Tree Cutting Services We Provide

When it comes to cutting a tree – whether this it to remove the entire tree or simply a part of it as a trimming or pruning service, we have a range of tools and techniques at our disposal.

We can deploy everything from good old fashioned (but extremely effective!) axes and handsaws all the way up to powerful, industrial chainsaws – along with all the appropriate safety equipment. 

How we deploy these tools however will very much depend on the location and size of the tree in question. Working within a forest environment is often much easier for a tree surgeon or arborist, as typically there are few (if any) people around during the cutting, and no property to worry about.

In the controlled environment of a yard however this all changes, and safety, especially of falling limbs, branches and possibly the tree itself, becomes our paramount consideration. 

To highlight how we can work on any tree in any location, here are some of the main methods employed when we work on your trees: 

Climbing & Throwing

This is perfect for trees that are located in more rugged looking yards or even fields that can survive a little heavy handling and where there is no chance of property damage from falling limbs and large branches.

In this instance, if we are pruning the tree or prepping it for removal, we will follow the same procedure. Our staff will work from the top down, using aerial platforms, ladders or even harnesses to access the upper portions of the tree.

From there they will cut away at whatever is to be removed, allowing it to simply fall to the ground for later collection and removal.

Climbing & Lowering

We will deploy the technique of tree cutting where there is a chance that falling limbs, large branches or pieces of removed trunk could cause damage if simply allowed to fall to the ground in an uncontrolled manner.

So this could be a yard with a carefully tended lawn you don’t want ripped up and smashed, or trees that are growing close to property such as your house that could be damaged. We will also employ this technique when working with trees that are close to overhead power lines.

The difference between this method and the one above is the controlled lowering of the tree pieces to ground level. This is achieved by using a system of ropes and pulleys.


This is the traditional way to bring down a tree if it is to be removed completely. This technique, as with climbing and throwing mentioned above will only be used where the tree can be brought down with no risk to surrounding property.

So again, this means that this method will not be employed when a tree is stood close to property or overhead power lines.

Ground Level Work

Finally, we are often called in after a storm to assist with clearing up debris and fallen trees. If a tree comes down in your yard, then you can of course call in our services to deal with this.

Working with a tree at ground level is almost always simpler, as it negates using any of the above, more complicated techniques. Instead, we will usually trim off the branches and cut the trunk into manageable sized pieces to make removal that much easier.