Stump Removal Services We Provide

The effective removal of a tree does not simply stop when we cut down and remove the trunk and branches. The stump that is left behind and the hidden out of sight root system also need to be removed.

Leave them behind and they will rot, encouraging the growth of mould, fungus and diseases that can infect your remaining trees as well as parts of the rest of your yard.

To do the job properly therefore, it is imperative that everything is removed – and luckily we have a range of techniques and tools at our disposal to aid us in this service.

So that you know what to expect then, here is a brief rundown of the three methods that we have available to us to allow the effective and safe removal of your tree stump.

It is worth pointing out now that our staff will never simply go ahead and perform any service – including ones from stumps – before consulting with you. We will clearly explain your options before we begin and explain the pro and cons of whatever we propose to do.

During the consultation then, you will most likely hear us describe one, or more, of the following methods for stump removal:

Physical Removal

This method of stump removal is wonderfully straightforward, and is best used on smaller trees and large shrubs.

As the name suggests, it involves the physical removal of the stump, along with a large portion, if not all, of the underlying root system.

The physical part of the removal is usually affected by mechanical means of some kind. This could be a winch or pulley or even the bucket and arm of a small earthmover with an attached chain. It really depends on the size of the tree we are talking about and what the access to the site is like.

Chemical Assisted Removal

Also referred to as “stump and root killers,” these are powerful chemical herbicides designed to kill the tree and the root system. These can be particularly effective with larger tree stumps and their roots, which can be difficult to remove by the physical method alone.

Here, we will drill holes into the stump and pour in the chemical mixture. The holes allow it to really soak down into the core of the tree providing fast and effective action. Over time the tree will die and crumble at which point it can be broken down further with axes and sledgehammers. Potentially the Physical Removal technique as highlighted above can also now be used.

Grinding Machinery

Again, this is well designed for very large trees.

As something of a specialized service, we have a page devoted to stump grinding elsewhere on this site. As a very brief description however it involves the use of special grinding machines that go to work on the stump, grinding it down into mulch and wood chips.

A very large, difficult to remove stump can therefore be turned quickly and efficiently into a series of bags of chips and mulch which is much easier to haul away for disposal!