Our Storm Damage Removal Services

After a serious storm, if you have experienced damage to the trees on your property we recommend that you cal us in as soon as possible.

If the tree has not fallen already, it must be assessed immediately. In some instances it can be possible to help a tree to recover from damage.

However, if in our opinion the tree is unlikely to recover or grow back strong enough to survive the next storm  – or if it is imminent danger of collapse – then we may recommend it’s safe removal as soon as possible.

Trust us – we recognize how important trees can be to a yard, and we know that sometimes a real bond can build up between owner and tree. If you don’t think that’s true, just wait until it’s gone – then you might realize how much you care for it!


Because of that though, we will never recommend that a tree or trees are cut down and removed unless we really think that it’s absolutely necessary – that is our guarantee to you. 

If however the worst has happened and the tree must be taken away, then here is what we will do:

Step 1 – Assessment. This covers not only us assessing if the tree really must be removed (see above) but also how, what to tools are required and the time frame to complete the job. We will also provide quotes for our services based on the initial assessment, and we’ll talk through all your options before we proceed.

Step 2 – Felling. If the tree has only partly collapsed, the next stage will be to complete the job! Our staff is fully trained and highly experienced, making them ideal to perform this difficult task. If a tree has partly collapsed during a storm it really is important that you call us in as soon as possible – a partly collapsed tree is a major hazard until it is removed completely. Depending on its position, the tree may be felled so it falls in one piece. If this is likely to cause a hazard to people or property however our trained staff can scale the tree and bring it down safely in pieces.

Step 3 – Disposal. If the tree is already down we can skip to this stage, but either way once the tree is on the ground (no matter how it got there!) it must be removed. Again, our staff will assess the tree size, location and access to the site before proposing the most sensible way to remove it. Generally, it will be cut into chunks with chainsaws for easy handling.

Step 4 – Stump Removal. If the tree has been brought down in a storm it may have lifted up its root system with it too. However, if it has snapped at the trunk level or we have had to complete the felling ourselves, the stump will be left behind. Again, our staff will talk through all of the removal options here too.

So if your yard has suffered damage, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a commitment free talk to discuss the services we can offer to you.