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There are many reasons to hire a tree service or removal company here in Houston TX. Generally, there are trees on your property that need to be cut down, trimmed, get a stump removed or grinded down.

It can be your residential or commercial project, which we do both of. Heck, it may even be a lot clearing project for your new property or development.

Need an emergency, 24 hour tree removal service at to help with any storm damaged trees? Give us a ring, we’re at (832) 706-4896 or you can always reach out after working hours via the free estimate request form provided.

Our company values trust and provides outstanding customer service to each of our clients, no matter the location or size of the job.

Our crew prides themselves on being the best in business while serving the Houston metro and suburb areas. It’s our duty and responsibility to the community which we live in.

Don’t hesitate to call us and receive your free, competitive quote for anything tree related. We are your go to local company. We currently serve Houston and it’s surrounding areas in Texas, but will definitely be expanding our overall service area further out.

When it comes to hurricane, storm and tornado damage, we are the first to respond after the actual first responders, of course. We are the guys you’ll see taking a fallen tree off the road in pouring rain to eliminate road blockages and traffic jams.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company, we stand by our work and will do good by you.

The trees in our yards play a number of important functions.

They shade the yard in the summer and protect it and your home from the worst of the harsh winter weather. They can be an important haven for wildlife. Study after study commissioned by various moving services and real estate vendors finds that a well-kept yard can be a serious positive to house values – and healthy trees can be the centerpieces of a truly impressive back yard.

But beyond all of that there is the simple fact that trees are pleasant. They make your yard an enjoyable place to spend time, and are just as important a piece of your home as any other part.

Trees don’t generally ask for much either. Compare them to the lawn that needs constant mowing, the flower beds that must have a regular weeding, the gutter that must be cleaned out and even the driveway that requires it’s occasional rinse with a hose and scrub down with a hard broom.

Compared to all that then, trees really don’t ask for too much, do they! But at the same time, just like any part of your yard or home they will benefit from the occasional maintenance session.

There is also of course the fact that they are living things. They can be damaged, they can be infected with disease or fungus and, as sad as it is to say they can, and indeed will, die.

Tree that have been cared for however are less likely  to suffer from any of those ailments – and are also likely to have long life spans.

Which is where we come in!

We have been proudly supplying a comprehensive range of tree services for a number of years. We combine training, experience and the latest tools and equipment to provide the very best services to both you, and your trees!

Here is just a small selection of the various services that we can supply – please see the main page for each service for further information.

Tree Trimming

One of the most important services that we provide is trimming and otherwise maintaining trees. A through program of maintenance is very important for both established and young trees alike.

With established trees, removing deadwood and encouraging healthy, but controlled, growth will lead to trees that are more able to withstand the worst of winter weather. This in turn reduces the risk of damage from high winds and/or heavy snowfalls, which further reduce your risk of having to cover the cost of more invasive tree surgery or even having the tree itself fall down – a risk to people and property.

Tree Cutting

One of the best things you get by calling in the professionals is our years of accumulated experience. This means that, no matter the ultimate purpose and no matter the location of the tree we can cut it safely whilst minimizing risk to surrounding property.

So whether this is just a general trim or the whole tree itself is being removed, you can rest assured the whole process will be well handled by us.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes nothing lasts forever – and that applies to trees just as much as it does to anything else.

Whether your tree has suffered sudden, catastrophic damage in a storm or is suffering a prolonged death from disease or simple old age it is always a good idea to remove a dead or dying tree as soon as possible.

As it decays, the tree will naturally shed its upper limbs that, even when composed of deadwood, can still be extremely heavy. They can also fall at any time, posing an ongoing risk to people and property that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Stump Removal

Just as important as removing the tree itself is the effective removal of the stump and connected root system.

Leaving the stump and roots in place can build up a host of problems for your yard, even if they may not be immediately obvious above ground. As just one example, the roots and the stump can rot, encouraging the growth of various molds and fungus that can infect your remaining trees and plants – posing a serious threat to the long term health of your yard.

We offer a range of methods to remove your stumps, including:

Stump Grinding

The ideal way to easily deal with larger tree stumps, grinding requires specialist equipment and the know how to deploy it effectively.

We bring both to the table, making us ideally placed to remove even the very largest of tree stumps.

Lot Clearing

Finally, we offer a comprehensive lot clearing service – not just limited to removing trees!

Our skills, knowledge and equipment make us highly suitable for wholesale clearance work, so please see our section on lot clearing to discover exactly what we can do for you in this area.

If you think that any of the above services could be helpful to you in your yard then please – do not hesitate to get in touch!

Our friendly and helpful staff are standing by to assist you – whether this is to organize a visit for a quote, to book us in for any of the above services or if you are simply seeking advice.